Models of Impact is a strategic design methodology allows you to rapidly develop new approaches to environmental sustainability. This brand new Expansion Pack builds upon our original toolkit, and is tailored to the needs of corporations who are interested in finding unique ways to reduce their footprint, find new avenues for profitability, and make a difference in the world. Available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis for immediate download, the toolkit includes a glossary of 80 unique impact and revenue models in the sustainability sphere, and a comprehensive workshop curriculum that will show you exactly how to implement the methodology at your next planning meeting.

learn how business positively impacts the environment.

Our exciting new toolkit includes a glossary that is packed with new impact models, all in-use by businesses that are positively impacting the environment.

INVENT A RANGE OF NEW sustainability initiatives.

Models of Impact is a game-based methodology for rapid ideation. Pay-What-You-Want, and you will immediately access our easy-to-use workshop curriculum!

LEARN how helping the environment is good for business.

In addition to impact models, our glossary also includes an array of cutting-edge approaches businesses use to earn revenue while helping the environment.

apply design strategy & expand your impact.

Leveraged by thousands of cross-sector practitioners across the globe, our toolkit will help you apply game-changing design methods that will expand your impact.

"Solving sustainability issues always requires a systems view of various factors in play. The Models of Impact process does a brilliant job in naturally giving us this systems view, because the exercise is randomized. The glossary encompasses the key environmental issues relevant today, and I am very excited to see the kind of challenges that will be addressed with this process."

Purnima Subramanian, sustainability expert


the methodology

Our methodology is broken into 4 distinct segments: Learn, Invent, Program, and Report. After taking a deep-dive into the landscape of existing models that are relevant to your areas of interest/operation, users engage in a cross-pollination of ideas that serve as the catalyst for a new product, service, or program. The "secret sauce" of the Models of Impact methodology is a game-based experience that creates the space for spontaneous discovery in order to challenge ideas and help you think BIG. By exploring a range of ideas in an unbiased manner, you are able to understand the edges of your opportunity for impact. 

"Models of Impact's actionable process for pairing environmentally regenerative methods with sustainable revenue streams is much needed. Finally social enterprises have a clear, easy to use, and fun way to actually achieve the ever-elusive triple bottom line."

sHANE chase, design strategist

This edition of Models of Impact is a collaborative initiative of Clean Agency, and verynice, leading consultancies in social impact, environmental sustainability, and design strategy. We collaborate with a wide range of businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments to make long-term impact. If you are interested in learning more about our work, please contact